Solutions for your business


Ecommerce Solutions (Online Shopping)

We have many years of experience working with businesses of all sizes to help them setup and run their online shops. We can advise on Merchant Accounts and Payment processing suppliers.


Domain Name Registration

If you are looking to register a domain name cheaply and would like someone else to manage DNS settings etc., we can help.
We can register domain names quickly and keep them secure for you.


Database and Storage

Database driven solutions are generally standard with blogs and eCommerce websites. We can also suggest methods for optimizing your online data and cost effective ways to negate hosting fees.


Hosting Solutions and Server Management

We can offer hosting solutions for virtually all requirements. By default we do not usually work with Windows based servers but can advise accordingly.


Website Design

We have setup and designed hundreds of websites. Ranging from a few simple pages to full scale ecommerce and membership systems. Price start from £5 per month, Feel free to enquire....


Website Development

CMS systems, eCommerce, Membership systems, Payment Gateways, Shipping modules, Search systems. We help develop and advise on viable open source, or bespoke coding solutions.

Server Management Solutions

We provide a multi level service, by using leased servers.

The hardware a hosting company uses is very important as it can have a large effect on its reliability and performance. This is why we take great care in selecting hardware used in our servers to enable us to have maximum reliability and performance.

United Kingdom
London Hosting Center - Docklands
The main U.K based data center is in the London based Hosting Center which is one of Europe’s best server housing environments.
It is used by most of the UK’s major ISP and is very well respected and considered the best in the UK.

USA Several Locations, NY, CAWe currently have access to two USA based servers.
Please contact us with enquiries.